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Homegrown goodness from Eggs & Such ~ a Farm

At Eggs & Such – a Farm, we take pride in our farm and our commitment to providing farm fresh eggs. Our happy chickens, ducks, and sometimes quail are raised with care and love, ensuring the highest quality eggs for our family and yours. When you choose Eggs & Such, you’re choosing homegrown goodness and supporting local agriculture. Reserve your eggs for pick up and experience the difference of truly fresh eggs.

Rerserve Eggs for Pick Up

Our Chickens

Our collection includes a mix of ISA Browns and White Leghorns, prized for their prolific egg-laying abilities and resilience. We’ve also welcomed rare and fascinating breeds like Swedish Flower hens alongside Ameraucanas, Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Speckled Sussex, Brown Leghorns, Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, and the literally named Green & Blue Egg Layers. Each hen brings her unique charm to our farm, contributing to the vibrant mix of our egg offerings.

Our Ducks

Our Pekings excel in laying delicious eggs. Meet our lovely ladies: Donna Duck, Daisy Duck, and Dixie Duck (though we can’t quite tell them apart yet!). These delightful ducks provide us with large white eggs, perfect for baking and cooking, and a great alternative for those with chicken egg allergies. Watching them splash and play in their pool or pond is always a joy, even if they do tend to make a mess! Despite their love for water, Pekings are unable to fly, making them ideal for domestic settings, and their snow-white feathers remain surprisingly pristine despite their antics.

Our Quail

At Eggs & Such, we like the Bobwhite Quail which used to be native to this area. They lay little (more like tiny) white eggs which gourmet chefs prize for specialty dishes. The eggs are used more for garnish or featured dishes or appetizers. It would take lots and lots of quail eggs, say, to make an omelet, but could be done. They are a really rich tasting egg. The Bobwhite is a bit larger than most of its counterparts and is an excellent meat bird. However, they are really skittish and a bit harder to handle than other types of quail.


What we eat matters.

There is a difference that comes from eating food (beef, chicken, fish, eggs) that is raised on clean ingredients and in a low-stress environment. Our birds are raised with care and love, ensuring the highest quality eggs for our family and yours. We believe that clean eating matters, and you will see and taste the difference in the Eggs and Such eggs.

Clean Eating Birds!

Our girls are pampered! I buy a high quality non-GMO crumble for my girls. It includes omegas and oyster shells to keep them healthy and their egg shells strong. They also get free feed grit (needed for digestion in the gizzard) as well as oyster shells. Since there are so many predators here, my hens are all in large enclosed runs and coops. We provide greens & herbs, bugs (mealworms, soldier flies, crickets, beetles) and assorted seeds twice daily for them to pick through. This is not only good for them but also gives them something to do. The greens come mainly from my garden in the summer months. In the winter I keep sprouters and hydroponic growers going to provide fresh greens & herbs.

How do you clean your eggs?

We hand clean each eggs using a special egg cleaning soap and water.

Are Eggs & Such eggs pasturized?

Our eggs are not pasteurized.

How long can I store eggs?

 Per the WI Egg Licensing entity, eggs are best used within 45 days of processing.

Special Events at the Farm

Eggs & Such – a Farm is located within Plum Lake Event & Equestrian Center.  We open our property for a variety of hosted events including horse shows, clinics, camps, symposiums, retreats and fundraisers.  We are also available for weddings, musical events, bazarrs, silent sports and canine events.

The barn, viewing area and 60 x 100 indoor arena is heated and insulated which keeps it comfortable year round.  Our on site coffeehouse is available to provide specialty drinks and bakery as well as breakfast and lunch/dinner items.  The outdoor arena is 70 x 140 and has lighting for evening use.  Both arenas have sound systems.  Our trails are maintained and groomed for both winter and summer use.



July 8-11, 2024

August 12-15, 2024

Summer Horse Camp

Do you have a horse-crazy kid?  This summer we’re conducting 4 summer youth camps.


28 Sep 2024

Canine Wellness & Sport Expo

Vendors Wanted!  If you own a business or provide a service for dog owners, please consider participating as a vendor or speaker.

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